Yurt Retreat
874 Concession Road 9
Sunderland, Ontario  L0C 1H0

Directions by Car:.

Added June 9, 2015.  New Directions now that Hwy 404 has been extended.  This is much easier.

  • It takes approximately 1 hr 20 mins from the Harbourfront in downtown Toronto to reach Sunderland
  • Take 404 North towards Newmarket.  Go till the end of 404 which exits at Woodbine. Turn left.
  • Stay on rt lane and it quickly come to a light.  Right on Ravenshoe for about 20 mins.
  • Stop Sign and blinking red light. Turn left on Hwy 1 aka Victoria Crossing.  Gas station on the North-East corner.  You will go through Udora.  It curves to your right.
  • Come to a T junction with a road Lakeridge 23.  Turn left.  Pass a big house with big stones marking their garden.
  • Soon after Turn left on a small road  Concession 9.
  • 2 mins down, come to a Stop Sign. Keep going East for another 5 mins. You will see 874 Concession 9 on your right side.  It is a green log house with a white trim.

From Whitby:

  • Take Hwy 12 going North.
  • You will pass an exit to Hwy 7, then you know you are getting close.
  • Take a Left turn at Concession 9 (it is a small sign). Drive about 3 mins.
  • You will see a big Green house with a white trim on the left side of the road.

From Mississauga:

  • Take 401 going East
  • Take 404 towards Newmarket going North
  • Then follow directions given for driving from downtown Toronto

Make sure that people don’t try to find the Yurt Retreat by Google mapping because it will take you to the wrong place and just confuse you. Please do not use your GPS, because you will surely get lost.