Welcome to the Yurt Retreat, a place to disconnect to reconnect.  Situated in a relaxing oasis nestled in the lush, tranquil farm country of Sunderland in northern Ontario, Canada. If you are looking for a calming weekend getaway or want to hold a group yoga workshop in our large yurt, Yurt Retreat is the ideal place to escape from the hustle and bustle of city life and revive yourself in the perfect nature setting. Come and connect with the earth – take off your shoes and allow the green grass to tickle your feet as you’re grounded into the earth, as you release the energy of computers, cell phones and the hectic pace of everyday life. Listen to the birds and feel the sweet breezes. Soon there will be a walkway through the forest for you to enjoy the woods. This environment is all about healing and relaxation. Here at the Yurt Retreat, you are sure to find A Yurt for All Reasons.

Opening in summer 2017, Yurt Retreat will feature 5 medium-sized yurts that each comfortably fits at least 2-4 people. Each yurt will come equipped with ample futons, a dining table, a wood-burning stove, private outdoor shower, a compost toilet, and water supply from our well.  Our vision is to create special weekends for spiritual and creative workshops as well as organic gardening and cooking classes.

Please join us in our journey. Come visit and feel the energy of the sacred ground.