A yurt is a portable, bent wood-framed dwelling structure traditionally used by nomads in Central Asia. Yurts have been in use since the 12th century. Initially used by generations of horse herders in Mongolia, yurts were lived in all year round.

The design of the yurts is similar to a portable tent and round cabin, usually with a round dome at the top that is sealed with a clear covering during the winter.

Our Yurts
Our 7 yurts are set cocooned amongst the trees, the perfect retreat complete with their own access. The yurts come from 3 different parts of the world: Mongolia, Canada and USA. Mongolian yurts are handmade in Mongolia (technically this means they are actually called “Gers”) using traditional skills and materials. They are lined with sheep-wool felt lashed together with horse hair ropes. They are 22 feet in diameter and can sleep up to 3 people which makes them a great space for small families. The Canadian yurts are 17 feet in diameter and can also sleep 2 people. The two Yomes from USA are 18 ft and 16 ft wide, respectively. The 18 ft yurt can sleep 2-3 people and the 16 ft yome is the Meditation yurt – the OM YOME.

Each yurt is set on a raised wooden platform and heated by a wood-burning stove which makes them extremely warm and really cozy even in the worst weather. The yurts are perfect for year-round camping holidays and the full Glamping experience. Inside, the yurts have wooden double day-beds/futons for sleeping/lounging. The yurts are decorated with rugs, coloured wall hangings and scatter cushions, making the inside of each yurt a beautiful space to relax and unwind. Lighting in the yurts is provided by tea light lanterns and solar fairy lights for a relaxing atmosphere. Gaze up at the stars by night through the central roof window, which can also be removed to circulate fresh air. The glazed windows also have mesh netting to keep the bugs at bay.

Sheena’s theme always incorporates multicultural themes (like her Multicultural Calendars). Therefore each yurt is casual, artistic, and comfortable decorated with elegant global themes: Mongolian, Indian, Japanese Zen, Southwest, Cottage Country and of course the ecumenical Meditation yurt which will also be used for massage and private counselling sessions with a focus on past life regression.

The yurt doors have a lock and key for added peace of mind during day excursions. Solar power (220v AC) runs the lights, iPod dock and compost toilet.

Outside, each yurt has its own camp fire-pit, bench seating, picnic table and cast iron BBQ. Wheelbarrows and bags are provided for collecting your wood from the woodshed and all your kindling, firewood, tealights/candles and firelighters are offered at no additional cost. Please see our “What to bring” page for more details of the essentials and nice-to-haves.